Holistically speaking...


Bruce Pennington

Me and my friend are writting a book and have created a character named Russell Moffat. He is a mad scientist and we are proud of it.

– Me.

Smurfs meet the TARDIS.



kitten meeting the sun for the first time

Via yes jamie, it is a big one


Twelve in Into the Dalek (8.02) 

You looked inside me and you saw hatred. That’s not a victory.

Via yes jamie, it is a big one


Still having some troubles, it seems, with font rendering and rasterization. (Idea via Bees & Bombs with infinitely cuter gif.)


a thank you card for cypress_tree, my internet-fandom-writing friend, who has been a source of creative inspiration and Hufflepuffian support since our happy online meeting, and who gives possibly the most wonderful birthday presents I’ve been lucky enough to receive

and I thought maybe ‘net friendship was sentiment other people might share <3

Via Lierre's... stuff



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